Martha l. Bennett, FAIA, LEED AP


As a founding member of BWG, and Principal-in-Charge of Architectural Program Development and Social Responsibility, Martha stands out in the community as an expert in architectural programming and historical preservation. Martha breathes new life into renovations of mid-century modern and other historic buildings. She believes that as architects, the most sustainable acts we can achieve includes the innovative re-design/re-use of existing buildings, and the creation of new buildings that are so well conceived that no one would ever want to tear them down.

Martha represents the soul of the office and she focuses on discovering the "heart" of projects. She began her career in 1975 after the completion of a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. She has been specially trained to be the firm’s leader in facilitating workshops with stakeholders and assumes the roles and responsibilities of the goal keeper throughout a project to ensure program compliance. She has an uncanny ability to organize the myriad of project information and distill it into a concise vision statement.




As a founding member of BWG, and Principal-in-Charge of Design and Inspiration, Linda influences fellow collaborators and clients to elevate their aspirations and seek out opportunities to enliven the human spirit and improve the lives of building occupants and the larger community. She began her architectural career in 1977 after the completion a Master of Architecture from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University, in which she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

She has experience in the successful completion of projects ranging from complex additions, renovations, and new structures to fifty-million dollar master plans. Linda has an imaginative design ability and creative sensitivity. She has developed specific expertise in the integration of technology in institutional environments and has a reputation of creative and contextual design solutions. She has spoken recently on design issues both nationally and internationally.


Donald r. grody, aia


As a founding member of BWG, Don Grody serves as the Principal-in-Charge of Innovation, Quality Control, and Quality Planning. With his strong technical background and extensive experience in construction administration, he excels as a mentor for the production of construction documents and construction administration. Don’s keen perception for detail influences his ability to create holistic solutions to complex challenges. His years of experience include design and management of a variety of a project types in both the public and private sectors.

Don’s architectural experience began in 1978 after completion of a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Don advocates for innovation and continual improvement in the office and profession. As a respected leader in the design and construction industry, through his leadership in the AIA-AGC-ACEC Colorado Liaison Committee (A3LC) and the Lean Construction Institute, he aspires to change the design delivery process to one that is much more innovative and collaborative. Innovation in project delivery can drive value up while simultaneously driving cost down.




Anne joined BWG in 1992 and became a principal and partner in 2007. As Principal in Charge of of the PK-12 Studio and Operational Efficiency, she is a thought leader and a driver of innovation and advancement of 21st century education environments. She actively researches and contributes to best practices in the planning and design of educational programs that embrace current and forward looking pedagogies and curricula.

Anne is committed to collaboration with stakeholders to ensure that client goals are determined and achieved. Her allegiance to sustainable principles and humane environmental aesthetics is demonstrated in her sensitively to the learning spaces and specifically the design of spaces which foster a learner’s curiosity.

Anne began her career in architecture and urban design in 1988 with a concerted focus in the evolution of spaces for students and educators. Anne holds a Master Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture in Lyon, France and a Master Degree in Urban Design from the University of Colorado Denver.




Matt Bartels joined BWG in 1995 and became a principal and partner in 2008. As Principal in Charge of of the Higher Education Studio and programmatic Functionalism, he inspires and fosters team spirit with conscientious and insightful leadership. His humble yet confident nature complements his synergistic skill and ability to perform in multi-disciplinary, technically challenging, and creative design settings. Matt excels at drawing out the deepest meaning in complex issues. He kindly challenges stakeholder and coworker decisions alike to ensure the best solution for a given problem is achieved. He leads technically challenging projects and designs through thorough investigation and a determined drive towards comprehensive and detailed solutions.

As an operational leader at BWG, Matt establishes and coordinates diverse teams of architects and designers to best service the project. His passion for continual improvement is evident in his passion for team training. Beginning his career in 1994 with a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University, Matt’s architectural design and management experience has been focused on BWG’s most complex projects.


Jered E. Minter, AIA

PRINCIPAL-IN-CHARGE OF Business Development, Marketing, and Vision Advancement

Jered Minter is a principal and partner at Bennett Wagner Grody Architects in Denver, Colorado. He currently serves as the Principal in Charge of Business Development, Marketing, and Vision Advancement. As a LEED accredited professional and registered architect, Jered’s 19 years of experience as a PK-12 and Higher Education specialist includes planning and design of civic projects throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

Jered serves his profession and community extensively. He has contributed as a leader on numerous committees within the American Institute of Architects both locally and nationally. His passion for improving our communities is exemplified by his service on committees responsible for the review and advocacy of local, state, and national legislation affecting the architectural profession, the built environment, and livable communities. Jered currently serves as a Board Member of the Colorado State Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers, and Professional Land Surveyors.





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Each project Bennett Wagner Grody Architects undertakes is inspired by its physical, symbolic, social, and environmental factors. Project facility types include: healthcare, schools, libraries, courthouses, theater, tenant improvement, historic preservation, civic and municipal, science and technology, and higher education.

Attention to detail has contributed to the project successes of Bennett Wagner Grody Architects. Work derived from existing clientele and their referrals is verification of the firm's design capabilities and dedication to client satisfaction.




Bennett Wagner Grody’s differentiating values include: the firm’s long history of creating a culture that embraces inclusiveness and diversity, while celebrating the traits of listening and empathizing, aspiring towards the best design solutions, and focusing on each and every individual's professional and personal growth. 

Bennett Wagner Grody has a strong reputation for fostering healthy employee lifestyles by stressing a balance between life at work and life outside of work. The firm promotes “dream making,” i.e the opportunity for all employees to realize their passion for their work within the BWG environment. Employees are encouraged to act on their passions to work within specific market segments, or on particular design issues, or within any phase of architectural practice in order to maximize their experience as emerging professionals, which subsequently results in maximizing their value with the firm.

The inclusive office culture at BWG is exemplified by the stability of the staff; BWG’s first employees are still with the firm, and employee retention runs between 85%-97% annually.