Andrews residence hall renovation

Bennett Wagner Grody designed the renovation of these halls to support the University’s Residential Academic Programs (RAP), where students within a specific RAP live together in the same residence hall, share academic experiences by participating in seminar classes taught in the residence halls, have access to faculty offices within the residence halls, and engage in residence hall activities that reinforce the academic theme. 

These halls provided a variety of gathering spaces for students’ academic endeavors and social encounters. Alternate solutions were constantly being proposed and evaluated through value management/analysis. For example, resident room entries were redesigned through cost/benefit analysis to reduce expensive STC sound rating construction thereby providing for easier maintenance and a more practical aesthetic.


Location: Boulder, CO

Square Footage - Renovation: 60,588

Cost: $13,600,000

LEED Certification: Silver

Awards: Silver Project of the Year Subcontractor - Design Build