Aspen school district

 aspen high school - Master plan addition and renovation

A large component of the educational innovation behind the building design was to develop interdisciplinary interactions, or synergies, which act to broaden the educational experience. The building provides a myriad of common or shared spaces to provoke this type of serendipitous interaction.

A radial design ties the old with the new, creating a new face and a strong presence. The new addition serves as the main entrance. It includes 18 new classrooms, offices, a library, a weight room, locker rooms, wood shop, drafting studio, black box theater, and new gymnasium with an elevated running track. 

The highlight is a 128-seat lecture hall with tiered seating, a projection system, special lighting and sound, and computer hookups for each seat. Styled after university-style lecture rooms, this is one of the most popular rooms in the new school.

The existing Aspen High School Facility was constructed in 1964 and encompasses a series of five round “pods” constructed of a cast-in-place concrete frame and brick in-fill, salvaged from the Leadville, Colorado mines. The addition is constructed of a board formed precast concrete structure with a sympathetic brick in-fill complementing the architecture of the pods.


Location: Aspen, CO

Square Foot - Renovation: 63,662

Square Foot - Addition: 108,374

Cost: $43,100,000