Colorado state university

Animal Sciences building Addition and Renovation

The Animal Sciences Building is located on the Montfort Quad at CSU and serves as the center for the Animal Sciences program. The building houses the administrative offices, meat lab, meat processing area, microbiology lab, and multiple classrooms.

The goal of the renovation was to improve the overall learning environment, which has been exhausted by use over the past five decades. The three levels have been renovated and include diverse areas for learning, complementing multiple learning styles, and space needs.

The program is the steward of a prestigious history of the department and sought to reflect the important work and education accomplished in the facility.

An addition to the lobby includes increased fenestration, natural daylighting, and ventilation to create a distinctive and inviting entry to illustrate the history and accomplishments of the Animal Sciences department.

Designed in collaboration with the CSU Campus Architect.


Location: Fort Collins, CO

Role: Architect of Record

Square Footage - Renovation: 40,000

Square Footage - Addition: 2,874

Cost: $12,000,000