Boulder Valley School District

columbine elementary

The design is the result of a strong collaboration with the DAT of 22 parents, teachers, neighbors, and school district administrators which were very involved and vocal. It followed a visioning process with the District and community to establish goals for the program and facility. The new school was built adjacent to the existing building to minimize student disruption during the 12 months it took to build the replacement school.

To preserve open space, maximize energy conservation and the long term conservation of land, the building was designed as a partial two-story footprint. The design style the team called “Modern Prairie” is an architecture which is contextual and fits into this established residential neighborhood and within its surrounding park. This high efficiency design resulted in a 70% reduction of CO2, 60% reduction in domestic water, and 72% reduction in natural gas consumption.

A flexible and adaptable academic wing with breakout spaces allows the school to evolve. The success of the design in measured in the improvement in test scores, thermal comfort, and community involvement.

Location: Boulder, CO

Square Footage - 68,294 SF New

Cost: $11,400,000

Awards: CEFPI People’s Choice Award 2011