Bennett Wagner Grody’s differentiating values include: the firm’s long history of creating a culture that embraces inclusiveness and diversity, while celebrating the traits of listening and empathizing, aspiring towards the best design solutions, and focusing on each and every individual's professional and personal growth. 

Bennett Wagner Grody has a strong reputation for fostering healthy employee lifestyles by stressing a balance between life at work and life outside of work. The firm promotes “dream making,” i.e the opportunity for all employees to realize their passion for their work within the BWG environment. Employees are encouraged to act on their passions to work within specific market segments, or on particular design issues, or within any phase of architectural practice in order to maximize their experience as emerging professionals, which subsequently results in maximizing their value with the firm.

The inclusive office culture at BWG is exemplified by the stability of the staff; BWG’s first employees are still with the firm, and employee retention runs between 85%-97% annually.