Jefferson County School District

DUnstan Middle school - master plan and Replacement school

Subsequent to a Master Plan/Facility Assessment of the existing school by Bennett Wagner Grody Architects, it was decided by the School District to replace the existing facility. The existing school built in 1960 at the bottom of a hill suffered form several above and below grade drainage issues with cracks in walls large enough to let the snow in.

BWG assisted Jefferson County School District in developing their new Middle School Educational Specifications incorporating into the program breakout spaces, Special Education Suites, and new criteria for Visual Arts and Technology Studios. The new school was built on the higher part of the site, resolving all of the drainage issues and providing enough separation with the existing school still in session during construction to minimize disturbance of school operations.

As part of Phase II construction, the existing school was demolished and play fields built in its place.


Location: Lakewood, CO

Square Footage - New: 125,000

Cost: $17,500,000