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Us custom house modernization

Modernization of this historic federal office building was a multi-phased complex renovation funded through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009. The initial project scope primarily focused on the upgrade of the mechanical and electrical systems for the building.

Further historic and mechanical upgrades have been incorporated with additional funding from multiple sources. The sustainable design included window replacement, new lighting, ceilings, partitions, new drywall in corridors, new acoustical ceiling tile, raising ceilings to reflect the character of the original design, new mechanical systems, and new hydronic systems. The building was partially occupied during abatement and construction. The goal of the interior renovation centered on providing more uniform and historically sympathetic upgrades.

Previous mechanical, electrical and plumbing modifications were not always sensitive to the character of the existing building. There was extensive new mechanical work, ceilings in the office areas will be reconfigured to provide better daylighting, as well as, full views of the previously obstructed windows. Corridor ceilings were removed and replaced with ceilings that make reference to the original, historic ceiling designs.

Location: Denver, CO

Square Footage - Renovation: 280,000

Cost: $40,000,000

LEED Certification: Silver NC