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Lakewood Medical Office Building

The Lakewood Medical Office Building is one of the major MOB hubs in the Colorado Region. The Lakewood Addition and Renovation project consists of two major building components and the redevelopment of the existing seven acre site.

The first building component includes the construction of a new two story addition east of the existing building. The addition will also include a partial basement, a main entry canopy on the east side, two light monitor roofs and screened mechanical units. The second building component consists of the renovation of the east half of the existing building originally constructed in 1978. The renovation will include a complete gutting and replacement of all interior systems and mechanical/electrical infrastructure upgrades. The site redevelopment consists of the demolition of the west half of the existing building.

The entire site will be upgraded with new parking lot configurations to accommodate the new building footprint. The building will be constructed in three major phases in order to maintain operation of the Lakewood Facility.


Location: Lakewood, CO

Square Footage - New: 128,140