Colorado Academy

Schotters music and performing arts building

The program, developed primarily in Schematic Design, consists of a large choir room, a couple of large ensemble practice rooms, two classrooms for Lower School instruction, seven teaching studios for more one-on-one instruction, a large versatile rehearsal room, and a small lounge for instructors. 

The building supports a wide range of student ages, music types, class sizes, and class schedules, and is therefore meant to be flexible and adaptable.

The main window art feature is the focal point of the music classroom / rehearsal space. The different panels of colored glass represent the notes of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and ignite the space in colored light and visual music.


Location: Denver, CO

Role: Architect of Record

Square Footage - New: 15,000

Cost: $3,200,000

Awards: CEFPI Impact on Learning, Recognizing designs that enhance the learning environment 2007